Umai Umai

We offer a collection of thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed recipes that will suit a variety of occasions and themes, taste preferences and dietary requirements.


Tacos Bar


Crispy Tacos Shell  – Sour Cream – Pico de Gallo (Salsa) – Cheese – Lettuce – Black Olives – Chilli Con Carne ( Pork)

Nasi Lemak Bar


Steamed Coconut Rice – Chicken Rendang OR Pork Rendang – Nyonya Chap Chai OR Sambal Hae Bee Mixed Veggies – Anchovies/Peanuts – Sambal – Cucumber & Pineapple Salad

( Special request on extra items are available too)

Bread/ Cracker / Vegetable Stick & Dips Bar


Roasted Capsicum & Sundried Tomato Cashew Pesto

– Black Olive & Pistachio Tapenade

– Hummus

– Hazelnut Dukkah & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Japanese Curry Bar


Japanese Pork Curry ( Savoury & Spicy) OR

Japanese Vegetarian Curry ( Sweet & Mildly Spiced)

( Select 3)

– Bite Sized Pork Katsu

– Bite Sized Chicken Katsu

– Crumbed Tiger Prawn

– Crumbed Fish

– Crumbed Lotus Roots

Steamed Rice & Pasta

Gua Bao


(Taiwanese Burger)

Mantou – Braised Chinese Pork Belly – Coriander Leaves – Preserved Mustard Leaf – Kimchee – Spring Onion – Peanuts

Pie Tea Bar


Pie Tea Case – Stir Fry Jicama –

Condiments: Chilli Sauce, Fried Shallots & Julienned Egg.

Salad Bar


(Taiwanese Burger)

Mixed Green Lettuces – Japanese Cucumber – Cherry Tomato – Japanese Cucumber – Sweetcorn – Mixed Steamed Cauliflower & Broccoli Florets – Homemade Croutons – Boiled Egg –  Gobo Kinpira ( optional) – 

3 types of Salad Dressings

Bibimbap Bar


Steamed Japonica Rice – Blanced Spinach – Stir Fry Carrots – Julienned Japanese Cucumber – Kimchee – Blanched Bean Sprouts – Pork or Chicken Bulgogi – Goh Chu Jang – Sambal

Appetisers & Finger Foods

Thai Prawn & Crab Mango Salsa Verrine ( in shot glasses)

Seafood Otak Otak Quiche 

Stuffed Squid with Pork Fennel serve with Tamarind Chutney ( in shot glasses)

Mini Pork OR Chicken Rice Burger ( only for 60pax below) 

Mini Pork OR Chicken Hamburg Cucumber Burger

Mini Crumbed Salmon & Cream Stuffed with Cheese Croquette Ball

Mini Crumbed Minced Chicken & Garlic Cheese Ball

Chicken Inchi Kabin Lollipop

Chicken Karaage Lollipop

Bacon Wrapped Skewers:

– Potato – Cherry Tomato – Quail Egg – Prawn- Pork Tenderloin

Sushi Maki: 

– Chicken Teriyaki – Prawn Mentaiko California – Pork Shogayaki -Teriyaki Shiitake Mushroom (v)

Mini Nasi Lemak 

Mini Bacon Wrapped Scallop & Muhammara Cucumber Cups

Mini Chilli Con Carne Tortilla Cups

Mini Curry Puffs Cornets

Hot Food: (Carbo)

Yaki Udon

Yaki Soba

Smoked Duck & Spring Vegetable Pilaf

Takana Fried Rice

Belachan Fried Rice

Pork Masala Sheperds Pie

Baked Rice ( Doria)

– Keema Masala ( Pork/ Chicken/ Vegetarian)

– Chicken, Mushroom & Edamame Cream Stew

– Baked Japanese Curry ( Pork/ Vegetarian)

Baked Fussili Pasta: ( Pork / Chicken / Vegetarian) 

– Bolognese

– Genovese

– Carbonara

Meat/ Poultry/ Seafood

Grilled Chicken Wings & Drummet  OR Thigh

Choice of:

– Rosemary & Lemon


– Homemade Cajun

Chicken Curry Rendang

Chicken Curry Kapitan

Grilled Chicken Thigh OR Pork Ribs Tikka Masala

Bulgogi Pork & Vegetables

Braised Chinese Pork Belly

Spicy Northern Indian Pork Masala ( serve with Raita & Paratha)

Pork Kapitan Curry

Pork Rendang

Miso Butter Fillet Fish ( Local Snapper OR Salmon)

Fillet Fish in Thai Basil & Tomato Coulis ( Local Snapper OR Salmon)

Assam Prawn


1/2 Pineapple Mango Malibu Trifle ( can do without alcohol)

1/2 Apple Walnut Trifle

( serve in shot glasses)

Chocolate & Mint Lamington Pop

Cheese Tarts:

( Select 2)

– Black Sesame

– Blueberry

– Strawberry

– Earl Grey

Bubur Cha Cha Jelly

Mango & Coconut Pudding

Assorted Cakes